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Founded in November of 2007, Laguna Beach Jean Company has established itself as the first OC-inspired high-end denim and apparel line. The Laguna Beach Jean Company combines passion and innovation, priding itself on authentic designs and local inspiration. Recognized most for its denim, the collection is offered in a variety of washes, pocket designs and embellishments; with each design named after a Southern California beach - the epitome of the area’s perfect “sun, surf & sand” culture.

Launched by denim connoisseurs Steve and Christine Kim, Laguna Beach Jean Company offers premium denim that has steadily become fashion’s hottest luxury item, with designs that capture the combined look of Southern California and red carpet chic-fitting for those who want to experience a fashion-forward style, along with a relaxed look. Today, this denim lifestyle brand has expanded its product line to include shirts, tees, jackets and hoodies that incorporate the same innovative look.

Since inception, Laguna Beach Jean Company has earned rapid popularity and built a strong reputation with its handmade denim and designs among celebrities that include Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg, Fabulous, and the cast of beverly hills 90210, along with countless celebrity stylists who adorn the collection. The Laguna Beach Jean Company brand is currently available in more than 500 boutiques nationwide, through a number of distinguished online retailers, and is expected to include two signature stores due to open soon.

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Laguna Beach Jeans Women's Hermosa Beach Leather Studded
Laguna Beach Jeans Women's Hermosa Beach Leather Studded
$129.95 $77.97

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